A Quiet Word | David Regan talks about art and creativity
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David Regan talks about art and creativity

Image courtesy of Rachel Wood


David Regan is a poet. His poems, like those of all good poets, show that he is sensitively attuned to himself and the people around him; they contain simple, deep truths about people by using very simple language and structures.  Here is a poem that David completed toward the end of 2017:


The boy and the man

The day the rain stopped the wind
the sky turned grey
and the trees stood still
leaves dripped silently
to the forest floor
there were no stars
and the wind wept

The boy asked the wind
why it was weeping
The wind answered
It was the clouds that wept
Why are the clouds weeping
asked the boy
The wind replied
they were tears
for the forgotten poets

The boy asked the wind
and the rain
when he would be a poet
And the wind answered
And the rain answered
The stars
And the moon
And the clouds
The trees
And the leaves
All seven oceans

And the boy became silent and confused
And the boy wept
And the boy grew
And the boy became a man
And the man wept
And the man mourned
The man wept and mourned
for the boy who had grown
and had not known
He was
a poet

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  • Peter Forrester

    February 27, 2018 at 9:11 pm Reply

    Good poem. I cried.

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