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About AQW

Men currently face many challenges. Our media is constantly presenting disturbing images of, and issues about, men such as their physical health problems, early deaths, isolation, engagement in meaningless work, tendencies toward violence, being overwhelmed by social expectations, anxiety & depression, relationship breakdowns, bad attitudes toward women, poor role modelling for younger men, questionable ethics, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide. The evidence is mounting that there needs to be a significant shift in men’s behaviour and attitudes but men often feel defensive about all this attention and shut it out—nothing changes for them as they hang on to old, limited ways of viewing and being in the world. This is not necessarily because men shirk responsibility or fear change. I wonder if they don’t know where to start to be a constructive participant in positive cultural change. Perhaps some men can find a way forward from the diverse ideas and role models within this site.

The question I ask is, what can we do as men to challenge and overcome the social problems associated with male culture, to live authentically, while respecting ourselves, others and the environment? The purpose of this site is to provide men with ideas, resources and role models that help us think and do things differently, to build our emotional intelligence and our capacity to be a significant, creative and constructive force in the community. I invite you to explore this world with me.

Peter Forrester