A Quiet Word | Peter Forrester
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Peter Forrester

My name is Peter Forrester. I live in Melbourne Australia, where I was born in 1953, went to school, started work, married and raised a family. Over the last 27 years my work has involved facilitating others to be more capable and satisfied in their life and work. I have learned a lot about how people can overcome tough circumstances and build more hopeful and fulfilling lives. I have a particular passion for providing men with support and resources to successfully and ethically navigate through the challenges of modern life. Earlier in my life I had my own tough challenges which, when combined with a lack of effective psychological resources, meant that I could be easily disillusioned, gave up when things got tough and tended to fall into feeling isolated, useless and beaten. I suffered a number of times from clinical depression. My ongoing self-esteem was low, I had poor resilience and I regularly lost sight of my strengths and the value that I could add to the world. This was despite my having fulfilling work that I was good at, plus very supportive and encouraging friends and family. It took a lot of hard work to transition out of this awful state-of-being. These days I am very healthy psychologically. I am living a life that is rewarding and in which I am happy, motivated and ambitious, though life still is at times very, very challenging. I have a strong desire to continue my work and keep contributing to the community and my family, until I grow very old, when I will still keep doing the best I can. Retiring and doing nothing does not attract me at all. We now have online technology that allows us to reach out to others across the world, to work and utilise our skills, experience and knowledge for as long as we are capable. This means that once again society is better able to value the contribution of a diversity of people, as they did in ancient communities. For example the wise elder living nearby in the village, who people could access for important advice. The internet reopens ease of contact and communication with important people in your life. From these relationships you can learn fundamental truths and find better ways forward in your life. It is an exciting and creative time to be alive. This site is an opportunity for me to write and communicate in ways that will be constructive, interesting and useful for men. It reflects my journey as a man and the important things I have learned. It will provide a quiet, insightful and strong voice, a perspective that counters any tendency for men to be fearful, destructive or powerless within our homes, communities and organisations. I am writing about, and linking you to ideas, people and resources that I find exciting, rejuvenating, creative and helpful, that enable men to be authentic, brave, ethical, respectful, reflective, honest, and collaborative. I imagine that women could possibly find exploring this site interesting too. I am writing as an Australian heterosexual man of Anglo Celtic origin with all the cultural attributes and assumptions that this carries forward and which I continuously challenge to create something even better in myself. My hope is that this site will have something to offer a wide range of men living in cultures different to mine.