A Quiet Word | Coaching
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What is it?
Coaching is a series of confidential, supportive conversations with an experienced practitioner. It can examine and resolve personal issues or can be a way of refreshing your life by capturing and implementing new ideas.

Why do men seek coaching?
Men can feel like they are stuck, overwhelmed or confused with their life and would like an opportunity to talk with an experienced person confidentially about that. Men may read one of the posts in A Quiet Word and see how that applies to them or it may trigger something in them that gets them thinking that they are not happy in their life and perhaps a few coaching sessions with me may help shift that positively.

What can you get out of coaching?
• A supportive listener to whom you can talk confidentially.
• A deeper understanding about your issues.
• An opportunity to develop good ideas that can change your life.
• Access to ideas, methods, resources, tools that enable you to improve your understanding, to learn skills and knowledge, commit to further development and implement constructive changes in your life.

Different ways of having a coaching conversation
A coaching conversation is best in a face-to-face format which can include Skype or you may prefer a written exchange via email. If you live in Melbourne you could arrange a face-to-face session with me in my office. Drop me an email at peter@aquietword.com.au for further information or answers to your questions.

How much will it cost?
I charge $110 Australian for the equivalent of one and a half hours work. I prefer up-front payment via PayPal (see below).

My qualifications and experience
I am based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 1990, I have worked from within my own consulting company Forrester Taylor & Associates, specialising in the coaching of leaders and teams to build capability and facilitate people through challenging events. I continue to work happily in this area. Coaching men via A Quiet Word complements this consulting work. I have worked overall for forty years and in that time I have transitioned through a number of professions —secondary school teaching, nursing, family therapy, leadership and team development consulting. I have a Masters in Education (counselling), and a Bachelor of Science. I engage in continuous learning to build and maintain my professional capability. I have certificates in a variety of professional development and counselling modalities including—Emotional Intelligence Profiling, Focusing, Critical Incident Debriefing, MBTI personality profiling, Family Therapy, Art Therapy, NLP, Career Guidance, Hypnosis. See more information about my work at http://au.linkedin.com/pub/peter-forrester/12/988/b63